1.3 - Storage Devices and Access

The General Reference
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 There are many types of information access and storage devices.

  • Handheld Device: Handheld devices are light, small and portable.
    • Examples of Handheld Devices:
      • Mini tablets
      • Smart phones
      • Smart watches
    • Advantages of Handheld Devices:
      • Handheld devices can be easily transported and do not require constant power
    • Disadvantages of Handheld Devices:
      • Handheld devices are generally less powerful than larger devices and can sometimes be hard to operate due to their small form factor.
  • Portable Devices: Portable devices are more powerful devices that are larger than handheld devices but can be easily packed and transported.
    • Examples of Portable Devices:
      • Laptops
      • Tablets
    • Advantages of Portable Devices:
      • Portable devices have a higher processing power and a small form factor allowing power intensive work to be done on the go.
      • Portable devices are often more expensive than their larger counterparts and need to be charged regularly.
  • Fixed Devices: Fixed devices are larger devices that remain in one place where they receive constant power while in use.
    • Examples of Fixed Devices:
      • Desktop computer
      • TV
      • Games console
    • Advantages of Fixed Devices:
      • Fixed devices are the most powerful devices and generally have more storage than portable devices. They are also harder to steal.
    • Disadvantages of Fixed Devices:
      • Fixed devices are difficult to relocate as they are heavy,  cumbersome and require a constant power source so must be placed near an outlet.
  • Shared Devices: Shared Devices allow more than one person to access data stored on it at once.
    • Examples of Shared Devices:
      • Database servers
      • Data centres
      • Cloud storage
    • Advantages of Shared Devices:
      • Shared Devices are very versatile as they can be used by many different people and can be accessed within a large area.
    • Disadvantages of Shared Devices:
      • Shared Devices are very expensive to buy and operate and require a good internet connection to run smoothly.

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