1.2 - Storage Media

The General Reference
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There is a multitude of different storage media that can be used to store data:
  • Paper: Information can be written, drawn or printed physically on paper.
    • Paper is easily transported and feels professional. It is the optimal choice for some formal occasions.
    • Paper can be environmentally damaging and can rip easily
  • Optical Media: Data can be stored optically, using light. This includes CDs and DVDs.
    • Optical storage disks are small and so can easily be transported.
    • Optical storage has a slow transfer and read speed and tend to have low storage capacities compared to other options.
  • Magnetic Media: Magnetic hard drives use spinning disks to read and transfer data. Magnetic tapes can also be used for large scale projects.
    • Magnetic Media has the ability to store large amounts of data relitavely cheaply. 
    • Magnetic Media has slower read and write speeds than Solid State.
  • Solid State Media: SSDs and USB flash drives are forms of storage media that stores data electronically using silicon microchips.
    • Solid State Media is significantly faster than Magnetic and flash drives are small and portable.
    • Solid State Media is much more expensive than magnetic and weaker devices can be easily broken.

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