5.3 - Threats

The General Reference
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There are seven main computer threats:
  • Phishing: When scammers trick people into telling them their personal information.
    • This could include passwords, bank account details and other sensitive data.
  • Interception: When data on a is stolen and can be viewed and edited by the hackers.
    • This is often due to a lack of security of information.
  • Hacking: When people exlpoit weaknesses in a system allowing them to access things they shouldn't.
    • This could involve looking at vulnerabilities in the coding of an application and hence, being able to exploit it.
  • Eavesdropping: When people purposely overhear private communication.
  • Viruses: Harmful applications installed on computer systems that duplicate and spread.
  • Trojan: A misleading program that appears to be a repuable application but in fact isn't.
  • Social Engineering: When people are misled into revealing information to individuals with bad intentions.

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