5.1 - Ethical Issues

The General Reference
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An ethical issue is something that is morally wrong. There are many ethical issues to be aware of in the workplace:

  • Whistle Blowing: When a worker discloses unethical or illegal actions that are taking place within the company.
    • For example: Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, released tens of thousands of damaging documents about the inner workings of Facebook and called for urgent external regulation within the company.​
  • Discrimination: When a worker is mistreated due to their immutable characteristics. This could be on the grounds of race, gender, disabilities, etc.
    • For example: Meseret Kumulchew, a Starbucks worker with dyslexia, was made to feel unwelcome after she made mistakes due to her difficulty reading.​ ​
  • Use of Information: Laws that control the use of personal information, e.g. GDPR.
    • For example: Marriot International suffered a cyber attack after failing to comply with GDPR regulations causing 339 million guest records to be affected.
  • Codes of Practice: Rules and regulations that inform employees on how to work well and behave appropriately.
    • For example: An employee failing to comply with an organisation's dress code
  • Online Safety: Good practices that ensure users remain safe when accessing the data.
    • For example: Companies should ensure that the internet connection that the employees use is secure and protected by a password
  • Bias: When information is misrepresented in favour of one side over the other.
    • For example: If a company only reveals the positive aspects of their business rather than giving a balanced view.​

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