2.2 - Applications Software

The General Reference
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Applications software is software that has been created to complete several different tasks:

Productivity software: 

Productivity software is software that is designed to allow users to complete a task or produce documents 

These include: 

  • Word Processor e.g. MS Word, Google Docs 

  • Spreadsheet e.g. Excel, Google Sheets 

  • Email e.g. Yahoo, Gmail 

Word Processors allow users to input text and media to create documents 

Spreadsheet software allows users to clearly display information and numerical calculations in a graph 

Email software allows users to compose, send and receive email and sort into an inbox 


Development tools: 

Development tools are pieces of software that allow users to create or modify software 

These include: 

  • Compilers –  e.g. C++, Java 

  • Debuggers e.g. Eclipse debugger, MS Visual Studio Debugger 

  • Translators e.g. MS Visual Studio 

Compilers convert computer instructions into machine code 

Debuggers tests code and displays errors 

Translators convert text from one language into another so a computer can understand it 

Business software: 

Business software is applications made specifically for business work within an organisation. 

These include: 

  • CAD –  e.g. AutoCAD, SolidWorks 

  • CAM e.g. Fusion 360, NX Cam 

  • Product Management Software e.g. Monday.com, Pendo 

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is software designed to assist the product design process 

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) is software designed to create and manufacture prototypes 

Product Management Software is used to manage business and view the company’s analytics 

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