1.4 - Networks and Internet Connections

The General Reference
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The internet is a global network of other interconnected networks.

Different connection methods have different characteristics. These include speed (how fast data gets transferred), range (the distance that data can travel) and capacity (the amount of data that can be transferred).

Hardware needs connections in order for it to communicate with other hardware. There are many different types of connection:


  • Copper:
    • Cheap to buy and use
    • Malleable
    • Weak material
    • Low bandwidth
  • Fibre Optic:
    • High bandwidth
    • Can have a larger range
    • More expensive
    • More fragile


  • Bluetooth:
    • Transfers files without extra hardware
    • Only supports short-range transfer
  • Infrared:
    • Sends signals quickly over a short distance
    • Requires a line of sight
  • Microwave:
    • Supports a very large distance
    • Requires line of sight
  • Satellite:
    • Transfers data at a high speed
    • Poor weather can interrupt connection
  • GSM:
    • Allows for calls and text network connection
    • Bandwidth can lag

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