Job Roles in IT

The General Reference
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There are many different IT jobs in a company, each with different personal attributes and communication skills that are required. The following are 5 IT job roles along with personal attributes that are key to performing well:

  • Network Manager: Maintain computer infrastructure and manage wide and local area networks
    • Respect: To communicate with the it director and be approachable to people facing issues
    • Leadership: To take responsibility for network maintenance and ensure efficiency
    • Self Motivation: Often network managers work alone so should be able to work independently
  • IT Technician: Tasked with fixing IT related issues
    • Interpersonal skills are required the technician can clearly articulate the issue
    • Respect: They must be patient and understanding so workers feel ok to ask for help
    • Problem Solving: They should be able to think outside the box and try many things to solve issues
  • Programmer: Creates computer software by writing code in specific languages
    • Numerical Skills: Maths knowledge is important for understanding programming languages
    • Time management: To ensure deadlines are met and tasks are well planned and completed to a high standard
    • Problem Solving: Many issues can occur when programming, therefore troubleshooting skills are important
  • Web Designer: Create and design web pages that fit the needs of the client
    • Skills in web programming languages such as JAVA, CSS and HTML are important
    • Experience working within a CMS such as WordPress
  • Animator: Creates digitally moving graphics
    • Artistic and creative skills are important so ideas can be utilised
    • Digital and technical skills are important when working within animation software

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