4.4 - Ready for Work

The General Reference
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There are ways an employee can present themselves that show they are ready to work:
  • Dress code:
    • Most companies have a dress code that employees must follow.
    • This ensures that workers appear professional and can work effectively.
    • Different jobs have different dress codes, for example a plumber will have tools on their person to make sure they can work more efficiently and office workers should wear a formal outfit to show they take their job seriously and look businesslike.
    • Following a dress code shows that you are proud to work where you do and always makes a good impression.
  • Presentation:
    • Employees should make sure they are clean and hygienic before they go to work.
    • This involves reducing bad body odour and wearing clean, suitable clothes.
    • Presenting yourself well shows you respect your place of work and shows you are appreciative of your job.
  • Attitude:
    • Workers should maintain a positive attitude when working
    • This will ensure you create a good impression on those around you and will ensure an enjoyable work environment for you and your employees.
    • A 'can do' attitude shows that you are willing to try many things in order to work well and will persevere when faced with a difficult task. It also shows you are willing to be flexible to make sure things go well.
    • A positive attitude will lead to a healthier workplace for you and those around you.

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