2.6 - Software Troubleshooting

The General Reference
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When errors occur within software, troubleshooting can be done to try and resolve the issues.

There are many different faults that can occur:

  • Freeze: When software doesn't respond to interactions with it
  • BSOD: BSOD or Blue Screen of Death is a screen that occurs when the OS stops working
  • Reboot Loop: If the computer has an error, it will often reboot. If the solution is not fixed, this cause a restart loop in which the system reboots endlessly
  • Update Error: Sometimes, updated software can cause errors when interacting with the current software causing an error
Luckily, there are many tools we can use to troubleshoot these errors:
  • Event Viewer: Shows a log of the error, including the date, time and nature of the error
  • Baseline: Compares the previous state, before an error, to the current state to see what may be different and hence, what caused the issue
  • Anti-Virus: Scans the system for threats and quarantines or deletes them from the system

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