2.5 - Communication Methods

The General Reference
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There is a multitude of ways for businesses to communicate. These include text, video and audio communication.

  • Letter: A physical form of communication in which information is written on paper
    • Can be stored for future reference and feels more professional
    • Can take a long time to be received
  • Text Message: A digital form of communication involving plain text being sent to a recipient
    • Sends short information very fast without the need for an internet connection
    • Limited to only text based communication
  • Email: A digital form of communication used to send information over the internet
    • Can include multimedia files such as video and images
    • Emails can contain viruses so are not as safe as other forms of communication
  • Instant Messaging: A digital form of communication where text and other media are quickly sent over the internet
    • Supports a range of multimedia files
    • Requires an internet connection
  • Cellular: A digital voice communication system
    • Allows for fast audio conversations and tone of voice can be heard
    • Doesn't allow body language to be seen
  • Teleconferences: A digital audio call with a group of people
    • Allows multiple people to talk at once on a call
    • Bad reception can impact call quality
  • VoIP: A digital audio communication protocol
    • Much cheaper than using a cellular network
    • Requires a good internet connection
  • Personal Assistants: Digital smart devices that are activated by voice
    • Can be used while doing other things as it is activated purely by voice
    • Devices often mishear what is said
  • Video Conferences: Group video calls over internet
    • Video allows other participants to see body language
    • A good internet connection is required for a smooth call
  • Social Media: Online applications used to share images and other files to audiences
    • Supports a range of media
    • Accounts can seem unprofessional without the correct management
  • Blogs: Online text based communication used to share long form information to an audience
    • Supports multiple formats
    • Can be very time consuming to create and edit

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