1.5 - World Wide Web Technologies

The General Reference
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The World Wide Web is a system on the internet used to connect web pages to viewers. There are three world wide web technologies:

  • Internet: The internet is a global network of other interconnected networks.
    • The internet is publically accessible from all around the world
    • It has poor security as it can be accessed by anyone
    • Example: Sending an email
  • Intranet: A network of computers used to share information privately within a network​
    • Intranets are private and only accessible to only authorised people
    • They can be expensive to set up
    • Example: An organization's internal website
  • Extranet: A network that allows different members of a business system to be connected​
    • Extranets are secure systems that use firewalls to protect them
    • They can be expensive and require regular maintenance
    • Example: A property owner on a holiday rental site.

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