3.2 - Individual Information Catagories

The General Reference
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There are a multitude of different categories of information used by individuals:
  • Communication: Information that allows individuals to contact each other.
    • Calling your doctor
    • Texting a friend
    • Emailing an overseas relative
  • Education and Training: Information that allows people to learn or be better equipped for the future.
    • An online training course for a new job
    • Teacher feedback on a student's work
    • An email containing an individual's achieved grades
  • Entertainment: Information a medium which provides enjoyment to the user. This could be information about hobbies, interests, and leisure activities.
    • Reading film reviews online
    • Listening to the radio
    • Watching the news
  • Planning: Information that supports preparation for an event or project. 
    • Using online reminders
    • Using a shared team working application
    • Using digital work planning software
  • Financial: Information that provides monetary resources. 
    • Using an online banking app
    • Saving for a holiday using bank statements
    • Controlling direct debits using your digital bank
  • Research: Information that provides the user with facts, data or advice about a subject. 
    • Using a search engine to look up recipes
    • Researching dancing advice
    • Watching educational videos online. 
  • Location Dependent: Information which is specific to a certain location. 
    • Searching for an emergency dentist while on holiday
    • Looking up where the nearest post office is
    • Searching where to find wild thyme in the country

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