3.5 - Data Analysis Tools

The General Reference
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There are a multitude of tools one can use to analyse data. These include:
  • Data Tables: A two-way grid which holds data organised into rows and columns.
    • A database table of patients
    • A spreadsheet about income made each day
  • Visualisation of Data: Graphs and charts can be made from data making it easier to visualise and understand.
    • A pie chart showing sales of trainers
    • A bar graph showing number of cars in different areas
  • Trend and Pattern Identification: Predicting future events and determining the structure of data by analysing data.
    • A line graph of last year's sales per month
    • A future projection of number of customers in a supermarket
  • Data Cleaning: The removal of unnecessary data and the maintenance and organisation of stored data.
    • Removing customer's information who have not recently made a purchase
    • Updating old information to ensure it is accurate
  • Geographic Information Systems/Location Mapping: The assignment of locational information to data.
    • Tracking the location of a delivery parcel
    • Determining the location of different recourses around the world

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