3.3 - Organisation's Information Catagories

The General Reference
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There are a multitude of different categories of information used by organisations. These include:
  • Knowledge Management Creation: Business wide systems which are designed to assist the organisation of information. 
    • Sharing information between branches
    • Sending data to a partner organisation
  • Management Information Systems (MIS): Systems that allow employees to easily view and manage information.
    • Monitoring the training progress of staff
    • Recording and viewing detailed information about workers
For more on business systems, visit Unit 1: 3.5 - Business Systems 
  • Marketing, Promotion and Sales: Information that allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding about their sales and advertising data. 
    • Identifying trends in sales figures
    • Discovering the most effective promotion method
  • Financial Analysis and Modelling: Determining trends and patterns in monetary data and predicting future events based on past information.
    • Establishing the best selling products over the past year
    • Creating predictions about future cash flow each week
  • Contact Management: System used to organize, track and manage interactions with people.
    • Tracking an appointment at a doctor's surgery
    • Utilizing a CRM system
  • Decision making: Information that can be used to influence the business choices that an organisation makes. It means the company can gain a better understanding about how to improve itself however, if it is poor quality, it could lead to misinformed decisions.
    • Disaster aid charity deciding how many tents are required based on population of the area
    • The amount of faulty items created by a business
  • Internal and External Communication: Methods used by businesses to contact clients, customers or staff. It allows businesses to maintain a closer connection with their customers but can be costly to implement.
    • Helpdesk software to support customers
    • Posting updates of opening times during winter season
  • Big Data: Data that is too large or complex for traditional analysis techniques, but provides organisation with vast amounts of information.
    • Annual web clicks of major online retailer
    • Global health data

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