3.5 - Business Systems

The General Reference
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Business systems are techniques businesses use to read, write and understand data. There are many types of business system:

  • MIS​ - Management Information Systems - Software and hardware used to obtain information used in decision making and monitoring effectiveness of decisions​​.
    • e.g. Payroll processing, order processing
    • Provides live performance details
    • Can create information overload for managers​
  • CRM​ - Customer Relations Management – Process which tracks how a business interacts with current and potential customers​
    • e.g. Sales management
    • Increases staff productivity​
    • Staff may become over-reliant on the system​
  • SOP​ - Standard Operating Procedures –  Guides detailing how business processes should be executed
    • e.g. Beginner guidelines
    • Sets out clear roles and responsibilities
    • Reduces individuality in workers
  • Help Desk -​ Software that provides live support from trained staff to customers who are facing technical issues​
    • e.g. Live chat tech support
    • Tickets are logged so problems can be fixed​ more quickly in future
    • Software is often costly

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