1.6 - Hardware Troubleshooting

The General Reference
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Troubleshooting is the analysis and resolving of problems, especially within a computer system.

When troubleshooting hardware issues, specific steps should be taken:

  • Identify - Find out what is causing the issue
  • Test - Troubleshoot and attempt to fix the issue
  • Log - Record the issue and how it was fixed in a document for future reference
Documentation management is important to ensure future issues can be resolved with ease. This document should include:
  • Issue - What was the fault
  • Circumstances - The system that was in error as well as the time and date of the issue
  • History - If the device has experienced any problems in the past
  • Solution - How was the problem solved
There are many different tools that can be used to troubleshoot hardware issues:
  • Event Viewer - Diagnostic tool that shows details about errors on the system
  • Power On Self Test - Emits a series of beeps to indicate the nature of the error
  • PING - Tests the connectivity between the requesting and destination systems

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