1.3 - Computer Systems​

The General Reference
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There are many types of computer systems, each with advantages and disadvantages:​

Desktop:​​ ​​

  • Are powerful and versatile​​
  • Can complete a large range of tasks
  • Internal components can be easily replaced
  • Are heavy so cannot be relocated easily​​
  • Must be constantly connected to a power supply​​
  • Are portable and light
  • Does not require constant power supply
  • Battery can be restricting
  • Can be more easily stolen​
  • Hardware cannot be easily customized​
Smartphone:​​ ​​
  • Are very small and portable​
  • Can complete a wide range of tasks​
  • Many features already installed​ 
  • Can be distracting and cause Anti-socialness​
  • Device or data on it can be more easily stolen​
Embedded system:​ (System with software on it to complete a specific purpose, e.g., a microwave)
  • Software rarely goes wrong​ 
  • System is usually easy to use​ 
  • Can only complete a single task​
Mainframe: (Powerful machines that handle data)
Are very powerful and efficient
Can process large amounts of data
Are very expensive

Quantum: (Systems that work using a qubit system rather than a binary system)
Are much faster than traditional computers
Are incredibly complex to set up

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